Well, Hello there!


The first half of 2016 in brief – leaving my job, focusing on studies, looking for a new job.

So, I’m currently not working. I left my last job at a start up because I was bored, the place didn’t have a direction and people were jumping the ship at a speed of light. It has changed the dynamic of the entire business. I left with no job to go to. But I felt I was wasting my precious time I could spend upskilling in something valuable and mainly spend a bit more time with my kids. Something I was lacking hugely mainly due to the horrendous commute to London .

I decided, being almost 35 with little money in my pocket, to invested in Professional Diploma course with Digital Marketing Institute and never looked back. I have passed my exam with DMI with 84% pass rate. Something I’m really proud of. Yes, it’s a little win but it really gave me the confidence to continue the path in digital marketing.

I have seriously become passionate about digital marketing and the world of digital.

Later I invested in another course this time with Squared Online – a program developed with Google. Course that dedicates 60% of its content to digital marketing and the remaining 40% to leadership stream. It has been great so far. I’ve learned a lot about the different channels with DMI. With Squared online I’m now learning how all the channels fit together.

We have already touched on mobile strategy for business, how to create and develop a disruptive idea, leadership guiding principles for an agile organization, Web Analytics, and Digital Marketing Measurement Model (thank you Avinash).

We work in appointed virtual teams on various different projects. Working in virtual groups is a task in itself but I have already met some interesting characters and I enjoy the experience this is giving me.

In short – I’m loving it!



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