Happy days

I got the job!

OK, the job is Affiliate coordinator. It is for a local Fashion Ecommerce business called WoolOvers and it is my first digital marketing job. I am very happy. But still not 100% happy as I haven’t got it in writing and they can’t give it to me in writing until mid to end of next week. So why? I have tried finding out but they wouldn’t say. They reassured me however, they are no longer interviewing and the post is closed now. I just can’t relax until I get it all in writing. I really hope I have it.

I passed my Google Analytics exam and officially certified!

Yes, on my 3rd attempt I finally achieved exactly 80%. That is exactly 56 correct answers out of 70… I knew which ones I got wrong this time – but still, what about the remaining 14? I bet they are those answers where there is a combination of either ‘all’ answers are correct, or only ‘some’ are correct (a & b) or just 1 is correct. But anyway, I finally have it. But what now??

I hope to use my newly acquired skills in my new job. I can’t wait. 🙂

Oh, and I finally received my amazing free yoga mat from Yogaia.  I helped them with a case study and received free mat in return – win!

So that is 3 wins in one day? Who can beat the Banana?


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