Job Hunting & meditation – part 1.

It has now been 3 months since I’ve been made redundant from my last job at WoolOvers. It was such a blow for me as the Affiliate channel I fully managed was performing really well especially in the UK & US and I had so many plans to grow the channel & brand even further.

Anyway, I didn’t hang about, I decided to get on with the search for new job straight away. Within couple of days, I had a phone interview with Awin. I thought to myself I’m in luck, this is going really well, I may not have to feel too bad about the loss of my job if I can be employed straight away. I thoroughly prepared for the call, questions, script for all possible questions they may ask, and off course researched the company in detail. After all, I’ve worked with them during my time at WoolOvers.

Following the success of the call, I had a face to face interview the day after that. On the personality level I absolutely smashed it, but there seemed to be some lack of technical knowledge so they invited me to another interview a week later which I had plenty of time to prepare for. This was great as it wasn’t a straight NO, they gave me the opportunity to really show myself.

Sadly in the last interview a week later, it has been felt that my technical knowledge is still not where it should be and on that note, I have not received the offer. I was well and truly gutted. The feeling in your stomach when you hear ‘I’m afraid we will not be making an offer…’ was just sickening.

I felt so good throughout the process that failure just didn’t seem like an option. And because it was 2 days before Christmas I felt that it just simply can’t be bad news..

Learning no. 1 – don’t let your ego get in the way of the process.

Funnily enough, on the same day I received the above news I had another quick phone interview with the HR manager of Digital River.  My friend Emily works there so she introduced me. The call went well and I have been promised face to face interview with the hiring manager in the new year.

I was also talking to another recruiter about potential roles at Rakuten MarketingUnfortunately, it was a very slow process and nothing came of it until recently, but more on this in part 2.

It was time to forget job hunting and get on with prep for Christmas. My mum sent me a lovely surprise package from Czech republic with amazing Christmas home baked sweets. It made the rest of the day really good and I although I didn’t have a job and took all my strength and made myself feel all festive by eating all those lovely Czech delights.

During Christmas it was quite hard not to think about job hunting. Worries about money and potential future prospects kept creeping in. The day after Christmas I decided to take up meditation. I looked into various different tools but I decided to subscribe to Calm, a mobile app which I tested back in October through their free version. I have instantly falling in love with Tamara Levitt’s voice, it was so soothing and just so right for the soul.

Meditating has since been helping me through difficult days of not hearing from agents, not coming across good roles to apply, or just general feelings of self-doubt, and financial worries. But I would also absolutely recommend it even on a good day. It is a great mood perk and it is mainly free.


2 thoughts on “Job Hunting & meditation – part 1.

  1. It’s good to hear how this has been for you, and how meditation has helped. Can I just tell you that I’ve (accidentally) rubbed chilli juice in my eye? I meant to say something more profound, but would like to let you know that I’ve read, and I’m looking forward to hearing more. xxx

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