Talent 2017 & applying for jobs


Last week I decided to attend Talent 2017 show with a newly found friend (daughter friend’s mom) who is also currently looking for work having just finished her contract with a fab digital agency in London.

Talent 2017 show is run by Wired Sussex in collaboration with many major digital Brighton agencies & platforms and it is about meeting new & young talent (me being 35 doesn’t fit that mold but this was something I realized a few days after the event) for the digital world of Brighton. I mean – I would absolutely kill to work for a digital agency in Brighton. Why? Because I am only 35! Still young, full of energy and ideas to share with a few years of commercial experience up my sleeve. I would love to be exposed to all the different digital channels, bouncing some cleverness of my colleagues and just stay on top of the latest in the world of tech. I love this field! I know – I sound desperate…

It was a really beautiful day, sunny, warm, I could just wear my dress with short sleeve without any cardi or jacket. The sun was really scorching and you could see a heatwave over the horizon. First serious Spring day in Brighton. The Event was in Jurys Inn which is based right on the sea-front (perfect for lunch time break of Fish & Chips and sit down on the beach).

Anyway, during the day I met JellyFish, iCrossing, SiteVisibility, Oban International, Fresh Egg, The Student Room. It was such a great high energy day. I’ve handed my CV to all of these, connected with them on LinkedIn since and have also followed up with everyone at least once.

The one that really stuck to mind was SiteVisibility. I’ve applied for AM role with them a week prior to the event and I was determined to make an introduction and follow up on my application. And I didn’t hang around. My friend pointed to the direction of the owner of SV. So I waited for him to finish his meeting and asked him for a few minutes to chat. The good news is he remembered my application and CV and seemed happy to meet me, took me down to his stand to meet his employees and my potential new boss. I was really pleased about that because I have finally made a little breakthrough in the process. We discussed my application in detail, my training and the manager Scott then advised he’ll be in touch.

The bad news was the vacancy has been put on hold and they are currently looking at recruiting some more junior roles. So back to square one again.


I’ve had my CV assessed by a few random people now. The feedback I’m getting – superb and impressive CV. I keep tweaking it, making some of the tasks more obvious so they respond to the job roles I’m applying for.

I’ve also sent my application to a friend of mine who is also in the industry and they advised that my application may sound a bit desperate and I should be straight to the point as to WHAT I ACTUALLY WANT!

Another advice from another friend was that this industry is cut throat where people are not necessarily very good at what they are doing but they instead bullshit their way through.

That makes me really sad.


I think it is time for me to re-asses what I really want.


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