Today I’m mainly tired. I’ve been up with my son who came to my bed at 2.30am. As he does every night, however, last night I’ve had my daughter sleeping in my bed, too. So that made it for him really difficult because there was not the usual half bed for himself to sleep. So he kept being up and sniffling, saying he has ‘nose’, meaning I-have-a-snot-coming-out-of-my-nose-please-wipe-it-for-me-mom. The poor little sausage. I took him back to his bed about 4 times. The 4th time I was really pissed off with him, I grabbed him and just put him to his bed, covered him with his blanket, and didn’t say a peep. He didn’t come back after that. That was just before 5am. Great, only 1 more hour to sleep before I have to wake up. And what a great hour it was (sarcasm).. I dreamt about living in a small village somewhere and being attacked by terrorists. I kept trying to keep Vinnie safe but you know these little creatures, they just don’t stay still… And then I woke up. Tired, terrified, and guilty for chucking him out of my bed.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I have been contacted by Chevy, owner of a company called (these guys are worth checking out by the way). I’ve met him at one of those Brighton Digital Catapult Centre events about a year ago. Then there were talks about Internet of things, etc. We just got chatting and stayed connected on LinkedIn ever since. There was a possibility for me to work with these guys about a year ago but I felt it wasn’t the right fit at the time so I declined the offer. But as we are connected on LinkedIn I kept my eyes out on their latest escapades and liked most of their posts from fabulous locations around the world. Just stunning photos & time-laps’.

So Chevy got in contact with me yesterday on LinkedIn offering me a few hours a week job managing their social accounts and helping with their new webcam aggregation. We met today for a coffee and discussed the opportunity in more detail and I’m hired on a temporary basis. All I need to do is set up myself as self-employed and we are good to go. I’m not getting paid huge amount but it is keeping my feet in the play pool and I’m gaining experience managing social accounts for a very interesting business. I am a little bit excited :).

I now have a 2nd interview with Proporta next week. iCrossing have also now come back to me and I have an interview with them about potential Account Manager role based between London & Brighton, an exact date for the interview is to be finalized, but most likely to be sometime next week.

I now also have an interview with, again date TBC. These guys are providing career accelerator programs in fashion & beauty which is right up my street. They are a small start-up backed up by major fashion designers & makeup artists. And they are hiring Beauty Marketing Manager. I also got this interview through someone I know, who as a matter of fact got in contact with me to alert me this position has become available!!!

I am a little bit more excited about that, too.


So all misery aside, today is not that bad after all.


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