Friday feeling & Yoga

Despite me not working at the moment, I’m still enjoying the Friday feeling. And today is a special day, we are going to Brighton for the day and evening, to see a film, then eat steak and see Shobaleader One at Concord2. Here is their recording from the Boiler room from yesterday, sounds fun!

Would like to post a quick update on job hunting. I have agreed to start with from Monday. I need to set up myself as my own company but we are good to go from Monday. I love what they do. They provide high-quality webcams in all kinds of locations around the world which helps the hotels and towns to showcase the beauty of their city’s / resorts. Some of the images are truly awesome. And my job will be going through all the pictures and posting them on social networks. Fun!

I’ve also received an amazing call yesterday. After 3 months pursuing recruitment manager for an interview with Rakuten Marketing, I’ve finally managed to get through. And not via the recruiter either.. More on this to follow in a due course. But this was such a soul soothing occurrence, it has lifted all my spirits up yesterday.

I also enjoy practicing yoga. I would absolutely love to become a teacher one day with my own studio. At the moment I try to practice 3 times a week although would really prefer practicing every day. I use Yogaia platform to practice with. You can either join a live class with your camera on, or just chose a recorded session of your liking. The variety of classes at your level is immense. And I must say some of the teachers are true gems. For example Maxine Barratt, she explains the moves really well and you can tell she is really passionate about what she does.

Yogaia is also great platform supporting charities and right now until the end of March they are donating £1  from each live-attended class to Help Refugees via their #chooselove campaign. I usually chose recorded classes but on Wednesday I joined my 1st live class with Shanine Collinson (who is another one of my favorite teachers).



I usually indulge in a lovely warm cup of 100% Matcha (that I get from Amazon) and 20 minutes meditation afterward. It is definitely an uplifting experience and I thoroughly recommend it.

Have a lovely start of the weekend all 🙂


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