Meditation and early mornings

Meditation and early mornings

I’ve been meditating now almost 4 months. Observations so far are that it calms me down, kind of gives me a different perspective on things ahead. It gets rid of my anxiety and really seriously helps with the whole job hunting ups & downs. So far I’ve been doing this only 3-4 times a week but I think to truly benefit you need to find some time every day and ideally every day at the same time. Make it part of your routine.

So I think I’ll make it part of my morning routine. My mind should be fairly clean and uncorrupted with the day stuff. In fact, I think this is the perfect time for meditation.

As soon as I’m over with this nasty cough and cold, and get the annoying hay fever under control, I’m going to get back to getting up at 5am. All great people get up at 5am, apparently. I think it was Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tim Ferriss’ podcast who talked about it. He was so right, too. I’ve already done it last year and I must admit by the time the rest of the house wakes up it feels like you’ve already done half a day work, and spend some time on yourself. I woke up at 5am, spend 10 minutes getting a drink and generally wake up, then yoga and shower. It was invigorating.

So the plan for this year is to get up in the morning, work on my abs, practice some yoga and meditate, followed by rest of the usual morning routine.


30 day challenges

About a year ago I’ve met my now friend Emily. We met virtually whilst working on our first project during the Squared Online course I mentioned in a post from almost a year ago. From day 1 she did everything I did, it was as if we thought alike and at the same time and I remember thinking ‘argh, she really is annoying’. As we worked together on the project we really started to get on, we realized we had similar interests as we chatted outside of the project we worked on. I have learned a lot from Emily, her work ethic, organization, and determination was second to none. But what is special about her is her absolute keenness to learn. She listens and is incredibly supportive. She helped me with my job search on more than one occasion and she was instrumental introducing me to Affiliate marketing, an industry she’s been for over a decade.

Emily also constantly seeks new adventures and how to improve oneself. She is the one who introduced me to Tim Ferriss’ podcasts (more on that later). Whilst I’ve been studying with Squared I also started to watch Ted Talks, another thing I became fascinated with. One Ted talk really stuck out and that was by Matt Cutts – Try something new for 30 days. That really inspired me and got me thinking about doing something challenging. Something that would get me out of my comfort zone. Something that would make me think differently, change of mindset. It has become apparent that Emily has been doing some of the 30-day challenges with her friends! So we decided to do our first joint one. Get up at 5am and do yoga for at least 30 minutes everyday for 30 days. I don’t get up early easily but I do love yoga whereas Emily can get up early but hasn’t done yoga in her life.

Since then we’ve done 30 day planks, 30 day meditation, I’m now on 30 day blogging challenge. Although I did missed one yesterday but that is somewhat tricky spending a day out with the family and suffering with a cold. That is my crapy excuse.

Since then I meditate (not every day, but regularly enough to get going), I’ll be going back to getting up early and doing yoga first thing in the morning (but I practice yoga 2-4 times a week), I also want to do a 30 day running challenge and have just finished 30 day abs challenge which I would like to carry on with starting again tomorrow.

Doing all these challenges is making me feel more adventurous, confident, accomplished, just generally stronger person in pursuing the things I want to do. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Get out there out of your comfort zone and do something that you would never really like to do, or something you’d really love to do but never had time for. You’ll be amazed how much you can do, how much you can prioritise one thing over another and find what is more important for you and what makes you happy.