Nirvana & Grunge

Nirvana & Grunge

I think the best time 20th century ever had in music was the 90’s. Of course, this is questionable as each generation will be of absolutely different opinion. But for me, all my emotions are embodied in this decade of grunge, metal, and shitty pop.

My favorite band of all time? Well, there is so much good music but if I may say – Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit from the album Nevermind.

Off-fucking-course! I know it seems such a cliche nowadays as this song is the most popular from the album (and I love all of the songs from this album and In Utero as well as Bleach) but it still sounds so heavy, hearty, soulful, miserable and just soooo good to mosh to. You need to hear it loud tho! I mean really LOUD!

Part of me was destroyed when I heard the shocking news of Kurt blowing his brains out with the shotgun back in 1994. It’s been 23 years now. Fucking holy god of grunge. You died with him. All the other grunge bands that were left behind kind of left the scene and moved on.

But you left something behind. Grunge may be dead in a general sense. But not in my heart. Fuck you society. I’m wearing Doc’s with my tutu tomorrow.