Australian Art Pop Punk Rock

Australian Art Pop Punk Rock

Today is the first Snap General Election day of 2017 in the UK. I’m saying first because the UK politics are just full of surprises and you never know what is sneaking just around the corner, whether that is Theresa May with a knife (she just as well come out of her shell) or just another snap election. Actually, I don’t know whether that is legally possible actually…

Anyway on a cheerier note:

I’ve been listening to some awesome tunes lately. I’ve come across Regurgitator back in early 2000 thanks to my ex. Mark who is from Perth, Australia. Originally born British his family moved down to Perth when he was still a toddler so he’s had a good few years down under enjoying some awesome (and also some shit) Australia music scene.

Regurgitator (wiki page) has a lot of good songs (if not all of them although some are clearly better than others!). Their lyrics are mostly beautiful taking the piss from the standard normal stupidity of life, tongue in cheek, romantic, to the point and just generally silly. This song rocks my heart at the moment:

But they have amazing rocking tunes such as this one:

And this one is just wicked:

At the same time emerged Spiderbait with the female vocalist Janet English. This song is full of happy and it always reminds me of my 2 trips to Australia and the beautiful ‘sunshine’:

And guess what, Janet English & Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator lead singer) have started going out in 1996 and created this baby – Happyland:

I can imagine this song can drive people mad hearing it more than once but still – what a beautiful creation.

This is not even a handful of the amazing stuff that came out of Australia back in the 90’s but still hat down to the Ozzie’s. Thank you for blessing us with good music!